First pic: what is the smiley face? (Clue later in my blog) It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a blog (and the programme has changed, which doesn’t help!) so a quick review of the past months and a promise to be more active on my blog in the months to come. First up – the smiley face? Can you work it out from the 2nd photograph?

Smiley face!
‘Last Night of the Proms’ at the Opera House, Sydney – a fabulous and fun concert

Lots of other things happening too: I recently spent a day with the wonderful Year 6 students at North Curl Curl Primary School conducing workshops on ‘writing historical fiction’. Students brought in old family photographs and/or heirlooms to work from and left the session with all the tools they needed to write their own historical fiction based on a member of their family. I illustrated my talk with info on how I went about researching and writing Ghost Boy which is set partly at the Quarantine Station in Sydney in 1881.

The creepy 3rd class shower block at the Quarantine Station

In among the rainy days I’ve been enjoying bushwalks through the NP close to our home. I’m now seeing the little dark wallaby quite often on my walk – always a thrill. Today it grazed quite contentedly while I stood and watched it for a while – unfortunately I didn’t have my phone with me today to take its pic. Its companion is a lot less friendly and never stays still for a photograph.

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