My apologies for being ‘absent’ for several weeks – blame Christmas followed by a blissful holiday touring Cambodia, Vietnam and ending with a few days in Bangkok – so many exciting things to see and do (and photograph!) there, so I’ll be posting more frequently from now on and sharing some of these wonderful sites with you – beginning with the amazing limestone caves in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.  You can get an idea of the size and height from the ‘ants’ photographed below in one of the pix.  Lots of inspiration here – including the amazing Ta Prohm, the wild and beautiful overgrown temple in Cambodia that featured in the Indiana Jones movie – so watch this space!  Meanwhile my thanks to Elise for pointing out the glitch on my website regarding the publishing link to my Janna Chronicles – now fixed.  (It’s but you can purchase print or e-books through any internet retailer – eg Amazon.)  And now it’s back to work, with batteries recharged and a whole new year for writing!

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