I’ve had a couple of really busy weeks, but one of the (many) fun things I did last week was go up to the Quarantine Station for a photo shoot with wonderful (and very patient!) photographer, Paul Cristina. I’d decided it was time to update the pix on my website/social media etc and Bianca (from Morning Starr Productions, the company planning to film my novel Ghost Boy) organised it for me. And of course the QS at Manly is a wonderful and very atmospheric setting.  So off I went, a couple of outfits over my arm and feeling somewhat nervous, to face the camera.  And actually it was a whole lot of fun – although having said that I am so glad I’m not a model or a film star, or involved in any other sort of job description that means you have to look ‘perfect’ all of the time – not that I did, of course, but having the sort of face that usually cracks cameras, it was all very much in my mind about stupid gestures, pulling funny faces and all the rest of it.  To his credit, Paul has taken some wonderful photos despite all this, and I’ll be putting up my ‘new look’ shortly. In the meantime, here’s a non-professional shot of Paul and me – and we’re both still smiling!

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