Is Lev still in Camelot – or did he die in the fire at the Tower? Can El survive the plague? And can Callie undo a death – or will she cause another? Will Guinevere achieve her desire to have a child – an heir to the kingdom – or will Callie succeed in her quest to win Lancelot’s love, and so save Camelot?

The quest to save ‘the Lady of Shalott’ continues, as Callie and her friends return unexpectedly to Camelot – with disastrous consequences as the Old Ways clash with the new and Morgan le Fay weaves her deadly magic to destroy Callie, and her plans. Novels available in print or as e-books from all online booksellers.  And you can read all about the Shalott novels, along with research notes and writing tips, here on my website.

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