Photo by: Paul Cristina

Dream Big, Read Often

Melissa Wray has just posted a new interview (with me) on her blog Dream Big, Read Often. It’s very generous of Melissa to offer me the spot, while answering interview questions is always fun and often quite challenging! Please check it out:  Thanks Melissa!

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The Lady and the Unicorn

Probably the only time Morgana was truly happy was when she spent time with Launcelot at Joyous Garde.  He commissioned a set of tapestries for the hall, and charged Morgana with their design – and for this I’ve borrowed ideas from the exquisite Lady and the Unicorn tapestries seen some years ago at the Musee National du…

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Morgana’s garden

One of the fun things I had to do while writing I, Morgana was to make a plan of a medieval garden for Glastonbury Priory. I envisioned a giant wheel with ‘spokes’ separating each different segment – for medicinal herbs, household plants, food, kitchen cookery, etc with herbers in the corner for the nuns’ contemplation and…

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