Photo by: Paul Cristina

More pix of Poitiers

Far left: Church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande in Poitiers; left close up of the beautiful carvings around the doorway, which would also have been painted in the 11th-12th century. Below: inside Notre-Dame-la-Grande. Also a couple of pix of the pillars – each one was painted with a different geometric design and in different colours so the overall effect…

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Angers and Poitiers

Now under the protection of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Marie moves from the court of Angers to Poitiers, telling her stories about King Arthur and Camelot, and gaining renown throughout the medieval world. Far left: Shield of Marie de France in Angers Castle – but it’s the wrong date for ‘my’ Marie! Below: castle walls and formal garden…

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