Photo by: Paul Cristina


Just back from two wonderful weeks on remote islands in Fiji, with lots of great snorkeling. Saw quite a few sharks, white and black-tipped reef sharks plus a grey reef shark that circled and circled around us and made me VERY nervous! According to our snorkeling guide, George, grey sharks are ‘curious’, he said they…

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Janna update

I’ve just had a look at the cover for the German edition of Book 1 of The Janna Mysteries. Rosemary for Remembrance has become (so far as I can translate it) Janna, daughter of a healer (Janna die tochter der heilerin). Let’s hope the title really grabs everyone in Germany! The cover is beautiful: a…

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Hugh vs Godric

Thanks Dayna for the latest (fascinating) post and to you all for buying into Janna’s love life! I’ve found your comments really interesting, giving me much to think about. Characters and their motivation are always at the forefront of an author’s mind while telling a story (and hopefully that’s translated onto the page.) I ‘know’…

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