Photo by: Paul Cristina

Follow that Horse!

Join Isolde Martyn, Elisabeth Storrs, Julianne Miles-Brown and Debbie Robson at Sutherland library on Monday 29th May from 6.30 – 8.30 pm to hear how these talented authors of historical fiction set about researching and writing their books, from the first ‘inkle’ that set them chasing down the road and ending with how they set…

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TLs, the conference, and the QS

It was such a pleasure to be invited to join several other children’s authors and meet so many inspirational teacher/librarians at the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay’s TLs conference in Manly on Thursday. A group of us met Education Officer Julie Regalado from the Quarantine Station for a tour of some of the iconic buildings…

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Q Station and Ghost Boy

I’ve just been reading a new book titled From Quarantine to Q Station: Honouring the Past, Securing the Future, which starts with a fascinating insight into Aboriginal settlement on North Head and goes through the earliest days of quarantine in Sydney to the station’s metamorphosis as a ‘world class tourist destination‘ with hotel facilities under the management…

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