Photo by: Paul Cristina

King Arthur’s hangouts – 2

 Left:  These are the rusty red circles of the Vesica Pool at Chalice Well in Glastonbury – the inspiration behind my imagined scrying pool in Morgana’s secret garden, in which she sees terrifying visions of the future – our future. Left: ‘South Cadbury Castle’, one of the favoured sites for Camelot, is in fact the site of an…

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I, Morgana – on sale now

  Morgan le Fay is one of the most reviled, enigmatic and fascinating of all Arthurian characters. But who was she really?  Evil sorceress, high priestess or a woman robbed of her birthright and intent on revenge?  I, Morgana is published by Momentum Press, with orders being taken now for the book’s release on June…

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Ghost Boy to become a movie??

Exciting news:  My novel Ghost Boy is currently in the early stages of film development!  Sydney producers Bianca Biasi and Rebekah Biasi from Morning Starr Productions have picked up the option from Random House and negotiations on all fronts are under way.  There’s also interest from 20th Century Fox for distribution.   It’s been a long-held…

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